Five things that need to come and go in the hockey world

There are many ways to judge the success of the game. Financially, things have never been better for the NHL, but some fans miss the way things used to be. You know, fights and neutral-zone traps and such.

Alright, maybe not everybody misses the neutral-zone trap, but teams that won with it sure do. Anyway, some parts of today’s game are great and some are just awful. With that in mind, here is a list of a few things that need to show up in the game and five that need to go away.

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30 in 30ish Sweater Style: Florida Panthers

By Brian Bobal


Today, the 30 in 30ish series makes a pit stop in the Sunshine State. The Panthers have been around for over 20 years, believe it or not. Despite heavy talk the team can’t find a home in Sunrise, they are a team on the brink of being playoff contenders.

The Panthers have gone through enough different uniform combos to list the best and worst. So, let’s see.

Worst White Sweater: 2007-2011

If you think the jersey pattern on these sweaters look the same as the Edmonton Oilers when they first adopted the Reebok Edge style, you would be correct. Just like the Oilers’ jersey, this one is terrible. Continue reading →

30 in 30ish Sweater Style: Edmonton Oilers

By Brian Bobal

The Oilers are only World Hockey Association team in the NHL still in the same city as it’s former ancestor. Over the course of its 37 years in the NHL, Edmonton has changed its look a few times with some good and some just outright awful.

Here is a look starting with the worst.

Worst Dark Sweater: 2007-2011

The Reebok Edge design rears its ugly head again, and the Oilers took the bait. Continue reading →

30 in 30ish Sweater Style: Detroit Red Wings

By Brian Bobal

Okay, this edition of the 30 in 30ish series will require me to be as nitpicky as possible because Hockeytown has not seen major change in the sweaters worn on the ice since 1932, and that’s alright with me.

Even though the Detroit Cougars and Detroit Falcons could’ve helped give some variety, I have to judge just the Red Wings.

Now, let’s dive into all of the different looks the Red Wings have had and see if it’s possible to make a best/worst list.

Worst Dark Uniform: 1932-1937

There are four differences between the Red Wings first sweater and the one they are wearing 83 years later. That’s it.
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30 in 30ish Sweater Style: Dallas Stars

By Brian Bobal

The only Stars sweaters you’ll find here are from Dallas, not Minnesota. Dallas has had plenty of looks since moving to the Lone Star State.

Let’s take a look.

Worst Road Sweater: 2010-2013

This was a mighty fall from grace from the original Dallas Stars sweater. These were atrocious.
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30 in 30ish Sweater Style: Columbus Blue Jackets

By Brian Bobal

Forget more cowbell, today get ready for more cannon as we make a stop in Columbus to take a look at the jerseys the Blue Jackets have worn in their young history.

Even though they have been around for only 15 years, the Blue Jackets have managed to have a few different combinations.

Worst Road Sweater: 2007-2015

The Blue Jackets were another team that took the Reebok Edge jerseys as a chance to alter their look.
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30 in 30ish Sweater Style: Colorado Avalanche

By Brian Bobal

It’s Tuesday, so why not roll out two teams in the 30 in 30ish series. Up to the plate is the Colorado Avalanche. Sorry Nordiques fans, you will have to wait for a jersey evaluation; Maybe when hockey returns to Quebec City.

The Avalanche have had two uniform schemes: Pre and post Reebok Edge. Let’s see which look ranks at the top and the bottom.

Worst Road Sweater: Present

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30 in 30ish Sweater Style: Chicago Blackhawks

By Brian Bobal

The next stop in the 30 in 30ish series takes us to 1901 W Madison St. The Blackhawks have become the model franchise in the NHL with three Stanley Cups in the last six years. The last team to accomplish that feat was the Detroit Red Wings between 1997 and 2002.

Another thing the Blackhawks are well known for is their iconic uniforms, some of the most recognizable in all of professional sports. But are Blackhawks sweaters completely without sin?

Worst Road Sweater: 1948-1955

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30 in 30ish Sweater Style: Carolina Hurricanes

By Brian Bobal

No, the Hartford Whalers will not make an appearance here. They will be saved for another day. The Hurricanes have had two different looks and one with only minor alterations, which is enough to put together a best/worst list.

Let’s check it out.

Worst Home Sweater: 2013-present

Team Canada called and they want their sweater back.
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30 in 30ish Sweater Style: Calgary Flames

By Brian Bobal

Today, we go from the Buffalo Sabres, who reached both ends of the extreme with their sweaters, to the Calgary Flames, a team that has generally maintained a solid look in their 35-year history.

The Atlanta Flames uniforms are not going to be included in this ranking because their sweaters were literally carried over as-is to Calgary, where the flaming “C” replaced the “A.”

Now, on to the best and worst sweaters in Flames history.

Worst Road Sweater: Tie! 1995-1998 and 2007-present

This is the 1995-98 road sweater.

This is the 1995-98 road sweater.

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